Color your allergy

I am no longer doing color your allergy, unless I get feedback you you really love it.  I am labeling recipes in a different way.  Color your allergy is still available on older recipes.

Color your allergy is a simple way I have created to navigate the recipes in my website.  Now remember these colors are based on the mixes and brands I use.  Always read the label of the products you are buying to make sure it does not have any of the foods you are allergic.  Look below and find your color some people are multiple colors.  When your go trough the website look for the color and find recipes that work for your family.  Best of luck and remember these are only suggestions. Always make sure the recipe and products do not contain an allergen. The allergies I have listed are just the most common, I know many of you have other allergies.  However this coding should make it easier for many of you. And remember the Healthy Mom basic is to always stay away from as many pesticides and preservatives as possible. Enjoy and Eat Healthy.

 **Please remember the ideas and recipes shared on my website are not meant to provide professional advice. I am not a doctor or a nutritionalist… I am “just” a Mom like you! My site is meant to share my Mommy ideas. The information on my site is based on my own personal opinion. I don’t claim to be an expert and information on my site should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.  With that being said, I hope you and your little ones enjoy my healthy snacks and crafty ideas as much as my family has enjoyed them through the years!  

  • Green  Shellfish
  • Pink Gluten
  • Yellow Nuts
  • Blue  Soy
  • Purple Milk
  • Red Eggs
  • Orange Fish

4 thoughts on “Color your allergy

  1. What a wonderful ideal Thanks for creating it. I enjoy your blog and it is my first time here. I am now doing a Cooking With Wiggles section on my blog on Monday Please stop by and also let me know if you would consider doing a guest post on it.

  2. Great idea! I have so much trouble finding new recipes for our house…my oldest should have green, yellow, purple, and red stuck on his forehead 😉

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