Upcoming Events

The current event is my Jdrf Fundraiser  you can donate directly to my PAGE or by a book HERE and 15% of profits will go JDRF
 January 25th 12pm
Barnes and Noble  January 25th 12-2pm Book signing, Oak Park Mall Overland Park, Kansas
December 14th
Barnes and Noble  December 14th, 1pm  Book signing and Cooking demonstration, Zona Rosa Kansas City Missouri.
Previous events 
contact me at junkfoodkids at gmail dot com if you would like to discuss an event.  


Lilly Pulizter Book signing and JDRF fundraiser  July 26th, 2019

Destin Florida Book Signing ant Barnes and Noble July 28th 4- 6 pm

July 11, 2019 Nick and Jakes launch party

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  1. Hello, I saw your scene on channel 4 this morning and you was showing the recipe kid friendly. Protein drink and I didn’t see how much honey to use. Could you please let me know how much? Thank you Lesa

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