Goat Cheese Jalapeño Poppers

This truly is one of my favorite recipes. I make these spicy bundles of joy and a salad and call it dinner when I am making the carnivores dinner. I absolutely love jalapeños. They are just perfect with the goat cheese, and I don’t get all the carbs from traditional ones. Plus the ones in the freezer are full of preservatives. I have never understood frozen food having chemicals.

Makes 4 Serving (unless your me and eat them all)

Carbs 1.8g Protein 4.2g


4 jalapeños

4 oz garlic herb goat cheese

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Cut Jalapeños in half lengthwise. Remove spine and deseed. Fill each half with goat cheese. Grill until desired doneness. I like a bit of char on mine at the bottom of each of the peppers. I have no self control with these. I hope you enjoy.

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