Keto Breakfast Sandwich

This is the recipe recently published in a magazine a write for, whip these eggs up today and make this weeks breakfast easy.  Monday after a long weekend will seem a bit brighter when you have these mighty sandwiches to start your day with.

Keto is all the craze right now and connivence is always in favor. Protein is a great way to start the day and these egg sandwiches will make your mornings easy.  All you need are eggs and a muffin top pan.  Add in what ever you want to be your sandwich filling.  I recommend making 12 because that way you have them for most of the week.  6 sandwiches.  These are super filling and will quickly turn into a morning favorite.    
 12 eggs
 I pat of butter
I used herb roasted turkey and chipotle cheese.  
Rub each recess of your muffin top pan with butter.  Pre heat oven to 350 degrees. Use a whisk and whisk each egg one at a time and pour into a muffin top recess.  Continue until each muffin top recess in full.  Place gently in oven and cook for 10 to 12 minutes.  They will rise and be fluffy.  These are now your buns for your egg sandwich.  Place your filling in your sandwich and eat.  I like to eat cheese or turkey and cheese. You can save your extra in the refrigerator and warm as needed.

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