Chocolate Coffee Donuts

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Donuts and coffee go together perfectly. Chocolate coffee donuts were my recipe for an Instagram Gilmore Girls collab. When I think of all the food in the show, two recurring themes, continuous flowing coffee, and donuts are throughout the series. I have been baking so much with this lockdown that I needed to make some gluten-free donuts so I could enjoy. 

Many of you know I make a lot of food for my family that I don’t eat. You will be able to learn more about how I eat soon. I keep my diet healthy; the reality is that I cook for many different eating styles, and I try to provide all of those recipes so that you can prepare for your family.

Back to the donuts. These are so delicious you will not even notice they are gluten-free. You can make some Blueberry Coffee Cake for a little coffee party to include everyone.

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