Why Junkfoodkids.com

I started learning about food several years ago.  My daughter had been sick for a while and was managed with treatment. We we found out that the headaches were migraines we started looking at all the triggers.  We found through investigation.  That enough sleep was needed.  And that she had a very bad reaction to MSG.  As we began to improve her diet we found other preservatives bothered her as well.   I talked with more doctors and experts and found she was sensitive to pesticides.  Within a month of getting these out of our diet not only did the migraines get less and less.  Her asthma became under control, we had no idea these things were effecting her asthma.  The doctor was so impressed he started telling others to go organic.

Around this time my health became a issue and I was told the same go organic as well as some other healthy tips.  Now I have become an unplanned foodie with friends calling for advise and help with issues.  With the encouragement of my supportive friends I decided to put the knowledge I have gained out for everyone. Hope it helps you.  
I am so proud to say my kids are super healthy and happy.