Blue Cheese Stuffed Pears

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Blue cheese stuffed pears Look so fancy plated. Restaurant quality flavor with just three ingredients. I am working to create recipes for all my readers that at flavorful and straightforward. All of us are trying to stretch what we have in the house. I am calling these simple recipes Pantry Staples.

Keep a lookout for this new category. Pantry Staples will help you stretch your ingredients with delicious results. We will make it through this difficult time.

Back to the Pears. Serve them straight from the oven. These pears are full of flavor and so impressive to serve on the side of steak. I have a few more pears, so I am working on some more recipes. I also have a neighbor dropping off a bunch of apples today. I will be making some other recipes with apples.

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Serve with Beef and onion Bake

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