Gluten Free Breakfast Gravy

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Breakfast gravy is so easy; I feel guilty posting.  Instagram asked for it, so I am happy to give the easy recipe. Its only three ingredients. Traditional gravy uses flour as the thickener. This recipe used cornstarch. You can make breakfast in a snap or serve as breakfast for dinner. 

Right now, a recipe without flour seems so appropriate, as so many people are not able to find flour at this time. I always have corn starch. There is always one box in my bathroom due to an old modeling trick. Before there was dry shampoo, we use to put corn starch in our hair to add body. I was always asked to come in with dirty hair. The hairstylist said it was easier to work with dirty hair. However, I had oily hair, and so I always put a little corn starch at my roots. My daughter did it for years as well until dry shampoo came out. I often go back to it because it works so well.

I digress back to food. Corn starch seems to be much easier to find right now than flour. It is is very versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. A little goes a long way.   

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