Simple Avocado

1 avocadobalsamic vinegarolive oilsea salt grinderDirections;  cut avocado in half and remove pit.  Remove peel and slice in bite size pieces. Arrange on a plate and drizzle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt to taste with your sea salt grinder.Green  ShellfishPink GlutenYellow NutsBlue  SoyPurple MilkRed EggsOrange FishImage: anat_tikker /

Drunk Date with Brie

 I love the sweetness of the dates with the bitter brie.  These were a bit of an experiment, however much loved last night.5 organic medjool dates1 tbsp butter2 tbsp Grand Marnier1/8 tsp nutmeg1 wedge of briewheat entertaining crackersDirections:Remove and chop dates. Place in a small skillet with butter, Grand Marnier, and nutmeg.  Over low heat, [...]

Artichoke Bruschetta

I love this appetizer.  My husband and kids love it too.  Easy to set out when entertaining. The recipe starts with simple ingredients. 1 cup of marinted artichoke hearts drained.1tbsp capers4 oz manchego cheese1 clove garlic12 pieces of crostini or toasted slices of baguette breadYou have two choices with preparation.  You can had chop or [...]

Fruit Kabobs

Keep junk food kids busy with this tasty fun while you get dinner ready.Put fresh fruit on a plate or in a bowl  cubed honey dewcubed cantaloupe organic grapespineapple cubed organic strawberries green trimmed off and cut in halfbamboo skewers Directions:  Give the ingredients to the kids for imagination and  taste buds to enjoy.  Mix it up and add or subtract [...]

Goat Cheese Apps

I love to put this out when friends are coming to hang out.  It looks pretty and tastes great.1 log of goat cheese1 tbsp minced sun dried tomatoes1 tbsp minced fresh dillsalt grinder pepper grinderDirections: Slice goat cheese into 4 slices.  Roll two slices in sun dried tomatoes and arrange on plate.  Roll two slices in dill [...]

Lolly Pop Appetizers

These look so cute with a great mouthwatering flavor. 1 roll seamless dough sheet 1/2 tsp Dill 1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes 5 oz. goat cheese pretzel sticks Directions Goat cheese needs to be at room temperature.  Mix goat cheese, dill and tomatoes together.  Roll out dough sheet and spread mixture evenly over dough.  Roll dough [...]

Caprese Crostini

I love to keep Crostini on hand to snack on.  They are so versatile you can top a soup or whip up a quick appetizer. I made these as a side for dinner last night they were a huge hit. 8 pieces of Crostini1 tbs pesto1 tbs chopped Fire roasted tomatoes2 slices of mozzarellaDirectionsPlace crostini on [...]