Butter Cookies

Butter Cookies

My daughter came home from college and wanted all kinds of cookies. I made Snowballs, Gingerbread Orange cookies (coming to the website next week), and Butter Cookies. I have eaten so many cookies. Butter cookies were asked for a repeat. There have been a lot of cookies. These gluten-free bites and a hit, and now [...]


Pizzelles are an italian tradition.  My family always made these for every holiday and it was one of the recipes I was so excited to learn when I was very young. 3 large eggs with omega-31 3/4 cups of unbleached organic flour3/4 cups  organic sugar1 tablespoon organic vanilla1/2 cup melted butter2 teaspoons baking powder1/2 cup of [...]

Blackberry Cookies

1/2 cup salted organic butter softened1 cup frozen organic Blackberries1 cup sugar1 egg 1 tsp lemon juice1/2 Tsp pure vanilla2 tbsp baking soda2 cups organic unbleached flourDirections:  cream butter, sugar and egg.  Warm blackberries them puree them.  once they are thoroughly pureed run through a strainer into creamed mixture.  Add lemon juice, vanilla, baking soda and [...]